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Does your inverter battery need replacement? Or Are you planning to install a new inverter?

Buying Luminous inverter batteries is really a tiring and time intensive task. This is so due to the fact you need to compare several batteries and several stores before finalizing the correct one. This leads to wastage of time and extra costs (in going to the store). Most of us live a very busy life nowadays and finding time for tasks like these is very difficult.

 Luminous inverter batteries

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The introduction of e-commerce has certainly re-defined buying experience. LuminousInverterDelhi, one of Delhi’s top experienced in world of home UPS has set a new benchmark using its high quality focused items. Quality is our foremost goal so we strictly focus to provide quality-focused brands at discounted price and Luminous is one such brand.

Luminous Inverter

Luminous Inverter Delhi helps you choose the best Luminous Inverter, Luminous UPS, Luminous Battery products are identified for their premium quality, exceptional performance and sturdiness. The superior benefits and features of the Luminous Home & Kitchen allow it to be stand apart from the crowd. Especially for consumers, choosing a reliable brand in crowd of countless brands becomes a herculean task which is where Luminousinverterdelhi helps you browse, compare and choose the brand that compliments your needs.


Luminous inverter batteries mostly are obtainable in two forms they’re Flat plate batteries and Tubular batteries. The two Luminous Inverter batteries include exclusive features and designs. The flat plate inverter battery is a deep cycle battery featuring extra thick plates to the inverter and focuses to supply longer battery life. This inverter battery includes easy or low maintenance feature and is produced from a special type of alloy. The flat battery has a sleek design and the battery is sealed and the plastic housing is provided for proper protection. Battery has excellent voltage profile and comes with the inter partition connection. Battery includes excellent charge acceptance feature and is best suitable for frequent load shutdowns or power cuts. The level indicators from the battery offer easy maintenance.


 Another battery type that’s Tubular battery also has the excellent features. It has a superfine structure which protects battery from corrosion and offers high operational life to the inverter. The battery comes with strong and flexible features. It comes with oxidation resistant feature. The battery provides higher performance and offers longevity cycle to the inverter. It arrives with quick charge acceptance and also the battery is made of fine quality material and is corrosion resistant. The battery comes with puncture resistant feature which cuts down on the chance of internal short circuit problems. It is been made by utilizing HADI that is ruthless casting machine and has the uniform gain structure. These Luminous Inverter batteries include unique features and the battery comes with long life span.

Flat Plate Deep Cycle Battery Features

*Extra thick plates ensure long life

*Special alloy used – very low maintenance

*Inter partition connection-good voltage profile on discharge

*Sleek appearance in sealed plastic housing

*Good charge acceptance – suitable for frequent power cuts

*Level indicators aid easy maintenance

Tubular Battery Luminous Tubular Battery Key Advantages

*Extremely superfine void-free grain structure ensures corrosion resistance and high operational life.

*World-class spine manufacturing process using state-of-the-art HADI pressure die-casting machines (150 Bar) from Germany.

*Extra-strong, flexible oxidation-resistant gauntlet for higher performance and extremely long cycle life.

*Highly puncture-resistant DARAMIC-USA separator minimizes the possibility of internal short circuits.Luminous Batteries Dealer in Delhi

*Equally spread positive active material for better functioning and very low top-up

*Extra-strong, flexible, oxidation-resistant Gauntlet

*Highly puncture-resistant DARAMIC-USA separator to prevent short-circuits Better and quick charge acceptance

Affordable Luminous UPS Sine Wave 850VA Inverter 2016

Luminous UPS and inverters are especially designed to offer comfortable and hassle free life. Their flawless functioning, exceptional design and powerful performance are due to rigorous development and research and many innovative technology being used in the manufacturing process. Luminous UPS Sine Wave 850VA Inverter systems have been developed specifically to supply safety to the sensitive and end equipment and secure them during irregular power situations. To add this 24/7 service support & smallest amount of maintenance makes these offering a value for money proposition.

Luminous UPS Sine Wave 850VA Inverter

-Zero change-over time (during power outage)

-No humming noise from Inverter in addition to from devices linked to it

-Smart Charge plus Technology for faster charging and longer battery life.

Luminous UPS Online Shopping

Luminous On-Line UPS Systems from Luminous are made to save your valuable sensitive equipment from main lines failure, voltage fluctuations, blackouts along with other electrical disturbances. Luminous Online UPS not just provides data security but additionally saves your hardware from getting broken, thus promising smooth work hours. The online UPS is ideal for an atmosphere where electrical isolation is essential or for equipment that is very sensitive to power fluctuation. The online UPS system is necessary when the power environment is “noisy” such as industrial settings; for bigger equipment loads like data centres, or when operation from an extended run back up generator is essential. Luminous Online UPS

Luminous Online UPS

    *Double conversion online topology

*High frequency PWM technology

*Fully microprocessor -controlled design

*Wide input voltage range

*Near unity input power factor

*Automatic bypass

*Smart self diagnosis function

*Full time lightning and surge protection

*UPS monitoring software

*SNMP Adaptor for network management (optional)

Luminous Eco Watt 850VA UPS

Enjoy straight forward battery maintenance with intelligent battery water level sensor showing when the connected Luminous batteries require water reload.Battery charging commences even at as low as 110V Mains AC. Four Selectable charging pro?les customized to various battery types. Intelligent thermal management system keeps your system cool and shuts down the system during over temperature condition.

Eco Watt Luminous Inverter

No – load shutdown and auto holiday mode preserves battery charge leading to longer battery life. High charging current with 3 selectable current settings for quick charging from the battery.ALARMS & INDICATORS Audio Alarms : UPS ON, Battery Over Voltage, Battery Low Trip,Battery Low Pre-Alarm,Overload, Short Circuit Trip & No Load ShutdownVisual Indicator: On Mains, Charging, UPS, Eco, Overload, Low Battery Electrolyte Level Indicator ADAPTIVE BATTERY CHARGING CONTROL (ABCC) TECHNOLOGY Ensures faster battery charging Advanced  battery management, which boosts battery life up to 70%Negligible battery-water loss Intelligent continuous charging profile adjustment PROTECTION Overload with Auto Reset Battery Deep Discharge Protection with Reset Option Ultra-Fast Short Circuit Protection Battery Reverse Polarity Protection

Luminous Eco Watt 1650VA Home UPS inverter

Make  Luminous
Model  ECO WATT 1650
Inverter Capacity  1650 VA
UPS type  Square Wave UPS
Nominal Output voltage (UPS ON)  230 V
Nominal Output Frequency (UPS ON)  50 Hz
Output overload indicator  Yes
Mains ON Indicator  Yes
Battery charging  Yes
Supported Battery Types  Flat plate, Tubular, SMF
Warranty  2 years warranty
Applications  Computer systems, lights, fans and televisions


Luminous Eco Watt 1650 home UPS supports Battery ranging from 135Ah to 200Ah.

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Luminous On-Line UPS Systems in Delhi

Luminous Online Ups : – Item Details


  • Warranty : 1 year
  • Weight : 4.0 KG
  • Features : Description micro controller based design samart charge+intelligent continous longer battery life and fast charging
  • Product Type : UPS
  • SUPC: SDL223416272


Micro controller based design Smart Charge+ Intelligent Continuous charging profile adjustment for longer battery life and faster charging Cold Start capable: Allows PC to boot on battery Fast Charging: within 4-6 hrs No load Shutdown: Prevents battery deep discharge 2 year warranty on electronics and 1 year on battery