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Are you currently designed to purchase a new Luminous inverter or replacing a old one? However, there can be numerous reason behind purchasing a new Luminous inverter battery for home. Power failure provokes to possess a backup in your own home for that ongoing work process. It’s believed that electricity failure varying from two to four hrs in metropolitan areas and approximately 8 hrs in rural small & backward areas. This literally makes existence hard to keep it in check everyday thus, installing secure top quality battery backup is required to operate electrical appliances for the home.

Luminous Inverter Battery

Within the today’s world, it appears a fundamental requirement installing super inverter, battery in your own home for daily power essentials. Before purchasing an inverter, you have to ensure power requirement in your house because it may be not the same as your relatives. Don’t hurry to set up same inverter, battery for power backup what other people already purchased since the power needs will vary in each and every home. In situation of purchasing an excellent lengthy existence battery, we hook you up with reliable Luminous approved battery dealer in Delhi.

Batteries are usually rated by VDC and AH capacity. It means need battery what matches towards the creation of your standard charging system and also the results of your inverter. The most typical truth is that the greater current the best system. At this time, there are several dominant factors you’ve got to be ensured before choosing an Luminous inverter battery.

Before choosing an Luminous inverter, battery for power backup solution, understand your power requirement to make certain the number of appliances for the home inevitably run at your house .. It may be beneficial of evaluating the ability want to get, use a perfect power solution. Including tube lights, fridges, TVs, Fans, Coffee machines and toasters consume high current for lengthy hrs. Running appliances requirement changes year to year, but a minimum of you must understand what, more to the point, you take throughout a power cut too.

Buy Online Luminous 3.5KVA Inverter Delhi NCR

The 48V Luminous 3.5kVA  Inverter provides efficient power to high energy consuming household and/or office appliances. The 3.5kVA Luminous Inverter has unique feature expected from the good inverter like digital signal processing and LCD show display and it has additionally, it includes a Pure Sine Wave Output. Luminous inverter 3.5 kVA cost is a great fit for anyone or household searching for any reliable source of energy from a renewable power system or from the battery backup.

Pure Sine Wave Luminous Cruze 3.5kva Home and Office UPS

The 3.5kVA Luminous inverters could be configured to change instantly towards the battery mode ‘on’ during the time of power outages, making certain uninterrupted power and therefore protecting sensitive equipment. When along with battery power bank of 4 (4) 200Ah batteries along with a Solar System of 2kW, the 3.5kVA 48V luminous inverter can power household and office equipment like printers, refrigerators, water pumps, air conditioning units, televisions etc with this mixture the  Luminous 3.5kVA inverter cost provides a bargain that is the same as a 7kVA heavy duty diesel generators.

The Luminous, 3.5kVA Inverter is made to draw the correct quantity of power in the battery and contains a minimal operating and maintenance cost.

Size and Dimensions:

The load of Luminous Cruze 3.5KVA Inverter is all about 31.9 kg while its measurements are 395x355x245 mm

Technical Features:


Luminous Cruze 3.5KVA Inverter has got the capacity of 3500 Veterans administration and 4 exterior batteries are utilized inside it whose capacity is 120 AH-240 AH. The machine current is 48 V and frequency is 53 Hertz. The output current for these treadmills are 100-270 V as the minimum input current and maximum output current are 100-285 V and 230-270 V correspondingly. The compatible batteries for that inverter are flat type and tubular ones. The recharging here we are at the batteries is 12 hrs. Its bypass features are manual anyway. Its waveform type is sine wave and topology is either standby or offline. The phase kind of this inverter is 1-phase input 1-phase output.

Buy Online Luminous Inverter In Delhi

Inverter or Home Ups can be used to supply electricity in situation of power failures. It takes exterior battery for interrupted power. If you’re planning to set up inverter in your house the very first time, it’s important that you should pick the appliances first for example Brought lights, Fans, Laptops, Desktop, Printer and Refrigerator etc. to turn on inverter when electricity isn’t available after which support time.

An inverter cost depends upon Capacity of Inverter, that is measured in Veterans administration (Current ampere). Greater the Veterans administration, greater the capability of inverter to operate quantity of appliances when electricity isn’t available, Generally, Home UPS includes 24 months manufacturer warranty and it has 8-ten years of existence junk e-mail.  Similarly, the cost of Inverter increases with rise in its capacity and Technology type.

From Technology perspective, there’s two kinds of Inverter )

1 Pure Sine wave

2 Square wave.   Pure sine wave inverter may be the most advanced technology product and square wave may be the baseline product. A pure sine wave inverter doesn’t create humming noise from fans and it’ll not enable your sensitive appliances heated for example laptop adopter.

Support duration of inverter depends upon quantity of batteries inverter supports. A 900 Veterans administration home Ups is the greatest-selling inverter rating in India and needs single battery. 1500 Veterans administration -2000 Veterans administration ups supports two figures of batteries which is second most widely used rating after 900 Veterans administration.

Luminous 3.5 High KVA Commercial UPS

Home and Commercial businesses have greater power needs. Also, frequent power cuts can hamper the general performance from the appliances. Luminous 3.5 KVA / 4 Battery System offers top quality and reliable power backup solution for running office and sensitive appliances.

Luminous Higher 3.5 KVA Inverters

Key Feature

4 Battery / 48 Volt system for running Office and Air-Conditioners.
Running Load Lights, Fans, Refrigerator, LED Television, Laserjet printer, Multiple Computers, Laptop and Mobile charging
Color Silver
Battery Support 120 Ah – 220 Ah
Battery System Four battery / 48V

Technical Details

Wave Type Pure Sine Wave
Rated Capacity 3500 VA
Output power 2800 Watt
Input Voltage 110V -290V
Output Voltage (Ups Mode) 180V – 230 V
Charging Current 21 Amps
Recommended Battery Ah 135 Ah – 180Ah
Full Battery Recharge Time 10 – 12 Hours
Protection Overload, deep discharge, short-circuit, Reverse polarity & Input mains protection through MCB and by pass switch

Shipping Details

Weight 25.0 Kg
Dimensions 40 *38 *47 cm (L*W*H)

Display Indications

  • Mains available – yes
  • Battery Charging – yes
  • Battery Charging level in % -yes
  • Inverter switched on – yes
  • Low Battery indication- yes
  • Overload Indication – yes

# Battery is not included with this purchase

Luminous Eco Volt 1050 Sine Wave Home UPS

Eco Volt – Luminous Sine Wave 1050VA UPS is really a pure sine wave home UPS with features for example Intelligent Level Indication which will help consumer to trace battery level hassle-free.  Pure sine wave output causes it to be highly efficient helping in save money on power bills.

Luminous Sine Wave 1050VA UPS

Key Feature

900 VA Sine wave UPS for 2-3 Bhk home
Running Load 3 CFL, 3 Tube light , 3 Ceiling Fan, 1 Television, 1 Water Cooler
Color Silver
Battery Support 120 Ah – 220 Ah
Battery System Single battery / 12V
Weight 10 Kg.
Dimensions 29 * 27 *12 CM

Technical Details

Wave Type Pure Sine Wave
Rated Capacity 900 VA
Output power 720 Watt
Input Voltage 110V -290V
Output Voltage (Ups Mode) 180V – 230 V
Charging Current 17 Amps
Recommended Battery Ah 135 Ah – 180Ah
Full Battery Recharge Time 10 – 12 Hours
Protection Overload, deep discharge, short-circuit, Reverse polarity.

Shipping Details

Weight 10.0 Kg
Dimensions 36 *36 *19 cm (L*W*H)


  • Mains available – yes
  • Battery Charging – yes
  • Voltage regulation display – yes
  • Overload Indication – yes
  • Battery requires water top up- yes
  • Low Battery Indication – yes

# Battery is not included with this purchase

# Luminous Inverter Delhi ensures delivery of your product within 1-2 days.

Luminous Sine wave 1650 VA UPS, Sine wave 1650 VA

Luminous Sine wave 1650 VA

Luminous Sine wave 1650 VA

  • Higher efficiency & long back up
  • Both Sine wave (Eco Volt) and Square wave (Eco Watt) models available
  • Advanced battery management, which enhances battery life up to 70%
  • Enjoy hassle free battery maintenance with intelligent battery water level sensor which indicates when the connected Luminous batteries require water top – up
  • Proprietary FSW technology transformer for high efficiency and long life
  • Battery charging commences even at as low as 110V Mains AC
  • Intelligent thermal management system keeps your system cool and shuts down the system during over temperature condition
  • No – load shutdown and auto holiday mode preserves battery charge leading to longer battery life
  • Very high charging current with 3 selectable current settings for quick charging of the battery
  • Recommended Battery Capacity:700 VA: 100AH – 135AH, 900 VA: 120AH – 200AH, 1.5 KVA: 135AH – 200AH (Flat Plate/Tall Tubular/Both)

Buy Luminous Inverter Battery Online at Best Prices in Ashram

There has been two kinds of inverter batteries which are created by the organization named Luminous, which mainly offer manufacturing and purchase of batteries for inverters. The two kinds of batteries are Tubular and Flat Plate Batteries. Inside a country like India, it’s very present with note the unnecessary power failures that have brought for an elevated interest in these items on the market. Luminous like a company is renowned for the great items that they manufacture.

Luminous Inverter Battery

Also, Luminous inverter batteries require less maintenance and provide a performance that is power packed through the lifetime. In India, there are lots of types of inverter models available which is a proud moment for the organization to say the inverter batteries of the company are compatible with the available models in the united states. Buy Luminous Inverter Battery Online by having an purpose of making certain total consumer satisfaction, our website is made to be as easy to use as you possibly can. We provide Luminous Inverter Batteries online at fairly reasonable rates. Discounts are often provided in addition to the amazing exchange offers and first buy discount.

We provide delivery and installation services which aren’t billed for whatsoever. For those who have questions, you could achieve to us over phone or email and we’ll be happy to help. For going through batteries, visit Luminous Inverter. Luminous Inverter Battery Prices in Delhi (India) are less costly than other areas asia. We’ve greater than 10 types of the Luminous Inverter Battery from which you’ll choose but we recommend you to definitely buy Luminous Tubular Battery for an extended existence and power support performance during lengthy power cuts. For those who have question about Tubular batteries and Flat Batteries, our executive may also explain the difference correctly so that you can realise why the tubular one are costlier.

Luminous Inverter Battery Online at Best Prices in Delhi

Luminous has designed two kinds of inverter batteries: Tubular Batteries and Flat Plate Batteries. These batteries are made to satisfy the demands of excessive power failure in Indian conditions. Inverter batteries made by Luminous requires less maintenance and may supply you power packed performance throughout its existence time. Luminous inverter batteries are suitable for all inverter models obtainable in Delhi.

Luminousinverterdelhi.com is Delhi’s first online multi brand battery store that deals with 100% original Luminous Inverter batteries. While purchasing Luminous batteries from luminousinverterdelhi, you’re going to get original product with manufacturers warranty, free home delivery and installation with COD facility. So, the reason for waiting, purchase your preferred Luminous Inverter battery from luminousinverterdelhi.com today.

Buy Luminous Inverters and UPS Online

Fed up with frequent power cuts inside your locality or tied to some important work only since you cannot make use of your computer for lengthy hrs of load shedding? Well this is actually the solution for you personally. The brand new generation of home inverters presently obtainable in India can present you with power for hrs and permit you to make use of all your electrical appliances with no disruption. Gone are days when inverters for home can just supply enough power for a few lights and fans only and you can by high end Luminous Inverter Delhi or Microtek inverters which will also let it use heavy appliances for example television, AC, automatic washers and refrigerators throughout a power cut.

Luminous Inverters

Together with Sukam and Microtek you’ll also find apc, solar system and Luminous inverters obtainable in the Indian market. inside a country like India where power failure is frequent even just in the main metropolitan areas, inverters has switched out to become should have appliance for every household in the united states. You could choose to buy inverters online for you personally can’t find various different models all the businesses obtainable in the local market. Because these are technical products you must have some technical understanding to best to buy inverter battery for your house. The batteries for inverters are a significant component to think about while buying these items and also you need to consider thinking about your power consumption requirement. You may also run your pc by having an inverter but you’ll need a sine wave model for your purpose.